Top 10 richest Athletes in the world

Top 10 richest Athletes in the world

Top 10 richest Athletes in the world

Maybe you usually think about how much all your favorite betway athletes are worth. It is very possible
you might need to play the Betway online casino games and choose favorite athletes. This is a list of 10
richest athletes, with their net worth estimates.

1. Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon is a former American professional wrestler. Currently, he is the majority owner,
chairman and CEO of WWE. He succeeded his father as the head of the company in the 1980's. Vince is
worth $2.2 billion, a majority of which came from his successful running of the WWE company.
However, it doesn't undermine his professional wrestling success.

2. Ion Tiriac
Ion Tiriac is worth $2billion. He is Romanian and a former professional tennis and ice hockey player.
When he retired from playing sports, he started the Mutua Madrid Open Tennis Tournament. He is also
the manager is Lucas Pouille, a French professional tennis player.

3. Michael Jordan
In 2019, Michael Jordan is estimated to be worth $1.7 billion. He is an American retired professional
basketball player. In the NBA, Jordan played a total of 15 seasons in the NBA even splitting his career
between two teams – Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. He is acclaimed to be player of all
time and after his retirement, he became the principle of Charlotte Hornets.

4. Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher is a German who was a race car driver in the Formula One.
He is said to be one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time. He made by being the only
driver to win seven Formula One World Championships. He made five wins consecutively.
Michael Schumacher’s net worth is $800 million, which makes him the 4th richest athlete in the world.


5. Tiger Woods
In the world of golf, Tiger Woods is the most popular and notorious golfers of all time. He is an American
professional golfer and a favourite of many betway players. He is worth $740 million and is one of the
highest paid athletes in the world yearly.

6. Magic Johnson
With a net worth of $600 million, Magic Johnson is the 2nd richest basketball player in the world. He is
an American former professional basketball player. Magic played in the NBA for the LA Lakers for 13
seasons and entered into the NBA hall of fame. He is currently the president of basketball operations for
the Los Angeles Lakers.

7. Roger Staubach
Roger Staubach is a former American football quarterback in the NFL. He played for Dallas Cowboys for
11 seasons since starting in 1969. He was with them for five Super Bowls being the starting quarterback
in four. He is worth $600 million.

8. Floyd Mayweather
Floyd is a former professional boxer with a 50-0 undefeated record. He is the founder of Mayweather
Promotions, a fight promotion company. He won a hyped up fight against Conor McGregor in August
2017 and is currently worth $565 million.

9. Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant is a former professional basketball player. He played 20 seasons in the NBA with the LA
Lakers. He is currently worth $500 million.

10. Eddie Jordan
Eddie is an Irish first race car driver, businessman, musician Motorsport team boss and television
personality. He won the Irish Kart Championship in 1971 before moving to Formula Ford. He founded
Jordan Grand Prix, a Formula One constructor which operated from 1991 to 2005. He is worth $475

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