YUKIKA - Soul Lady

Download MP3 유키카 – 그늘 (SHADE)

(유키카) is a Japanese solo singer, actress, voice actress and model. She officially debuted as a soloist under ESTIMATE Entertainment with the song, “Neon” on February 22, 2019.

July 21, Yukika made her comeback with new album titled “Soul Lady.” All the track delivers a percolating dance beat with layers of rhythm buttressing a catchy drum machine and airy backing vocals.


[ Track 7 ]

Title : 그늘 (SHADE)
Artist : YUKIKA
Album : 서울여자 (SOUL LADY)
Release Date : 2020.07.21
Genre : Ballad
Language : Korean

Stream 유키카 YUKIKA – 그늘 (SHADE) below :


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