WEi – 도화선 (Fuze) (Prod.by JANG DAE HYEON)

IDENTITY : First Sight

Download lagu 위아이 (WEi) – 도화선 (Fuze) (Prod.by JANG DAE HYEON) Mp3

WEi (위아이) is currently a pre debut boy group under OUI Entertainment. And they has debuted on October 5, 2020. Wei debuted with released their 1st mini album title ‘‘.

They has prepare 5 track list inside the album, inlcude; TWILIGHT, DOREMIFA, 꼬리별 (TIMELESS), 안고 싶어 (Hug You) and도화선 (Fuze) (Prod.by JANG DAE HYEON). Let’s check out detail track :

[ Track 5 ]


Title : 도화선 (Fuze) (Prod.by JANG DAE HYEON)
Artist : WEi
Album :
Release Date : 2020.10.05
Genre : Dance
Language : Korean

Enjoy 위아이 (WEi) – 도화선 (Fuze) (Prod.by JANG DAE HYEON), below :


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