Download Mp3 – More & More

The big girl group JYP Enterteiment are back to greeted his fans with a new album. Twice’s latest comeback album is titled “More & More” and was released on June 1 last. Twice was confirmed to break the record as a K- girl group with the best-selling album via “More & More”. According to the Gaon chart, their 9th mini album has surpassed the total of 563,000 units sold.

Twice counted carrying 106 trophies from music shows since debut. This record was originally held by the legendary girl group, Girls’ Generation who now successfully occupies the 3rd position with 100 wins.


‘MORE & MORE’ is a music video released by TWICE on June 1, 2020 at 18:00 KST, and successfully touched 100 million viewers on YouTube. so that the number of views they managed to get within a period of 12 days and 22 hours. TWICE managed to break their own record with the music video ‘Feel Special’, which previously won 100 million views in a span of 21 days and 6 hours. Congratulations for Twice!^^


Stream Twice – ‘More & More’ below :



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