TOO (티오오) – 피어나 (Don’t Fear Now)

TOO (티오오)

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TOO (Tio) put forward’Heart Music Kilgunmudol’ as a modifier to express themselves . The center of oriental values ​​is on the ‘inner discipline’ that seeks to the root of the ‘heart’, and the center of oriental thought is not on the transcendental beings like Western gods, but on our human beings who live life in this world. It aims for music, which is called’heart music ‘. With’Heart Music’, he aims to become an artist that moves everyone’s hearts with ‘Kill’ group that goes beyond sword group .


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Title : 피어나 (Don’t Fear Now)
Artist : TOO (티오오)
Album : REASON FOR BEING : 인(仁)
Release Date : 2020.04.01
Genre :

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