[Single] Yerim Sohn – 내가 아파한대도 (I’m hurting)

lie after lie kdrama

Download lagu Yerim Sohn (손예림) – 내가 아파한대도 (I’m hurting) (Lie After Lie OST Part.3) Mp3

Lie After Lie” is a South Korean drama, who takes the theme of romance, melodrama, thriller and suspense . In the drama, Lee Yoo Ri plays Ji Eun Soo, the son-in-law of a very powerful wealthy ( chaebol ) family.

However, after becoming the daughter-in-law of the family, Eun Soo is even accused of being her husband’s murderer. The court also found Eun Soo guilty so she had to stay in prison. Things get even more complicated when Eun Soo finds out that she is pregnant and has to give birth in the prison.

After being released from prison, Eun Soo tries to find the whereabouts of the child who is now 10 years old and gets him back.

Let’s check out detail OST below :

[ Single ]

Title : 내가 아파한대도 (I’m hurting)
Artist : Yerim Sohn
Album : Lie After Lie OST Part.3
Release Date : 2020.09.26
Genre : OST
Language : Korean

Enjoy Yerim Sohn (손예림) – 내가 아파한대도 (I’m hurting) (Lie After Lie OST Part.3), below :