[SINGLE] Kim Feel – 어느 날 우리 (One Day)

김필 (Kim Feel) – 어느 날 우리 (One Day)

Download lagu 김필 (Kim Feel) – 어느 날 우리 (One Day) (Start-Up OST Part.3) Mp3

Start-Up” is a South Korean Derama, It tells the story of a young people who dream of success and who start working in start-ups in the Korean Silicon Valley. It tells their ‘START’ and their growth ‘UP’.


Title : 어느 날 우리 (One Day)
Artist : Kim Feel
Album : Start-Up OST Part.3
Release Date : 2020.10.24
Genre : OST
Language : Korean

Let’s enjoy 김필 (Kim Feel) – 어느 날 우리 (One Day), below :