Samuel Seo – 원 (One)

서사무엘 (Samuel Seo) – UNITY II

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  (서사무엘) is a South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, and record producer, who produces Hip Hop, Contemporary R&B and Electronica type songs under Magic Strawberry Sound.

Samuel Seo has made his comeback with released new album title ““. He has prepared totaled 8 track list inside the album, include; 원 (One), 이음 (Link), 청 (Pale Blue), 다 사라지고 나만 남았다 (Gone), 굴레 (Cycle), 시선 (Eyes), 때 (When), and 운 (Cloud). 


Let’s check out detail track :

[ Track 01 – Credits ]

Title : 원 (One)
Artist : Samuel Seo
Album :
Release Date : 2020.10.21
Genre : R&B/Soul
Language : Korean

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