RAVI – 낙엽 (Leaf) (Feat. 10CM)


Download Song 라비 () – 낙엽 (Leaf) (Feat. 10CM) Mp3

RAVI released a new single along with a live clip for the track “Leaf” on 12 November 2020. The long-awaited track features the ballad artist 10CM has participated fully in the songwriting while along with him, CLAM and YUTH have also co-composed and co-arranged it. Label member XYDO has lent vocals in the chorus. A “Leaf” The song is a slow-paced ballad. The arrangement is befitting to the autumn theme. The layering contains soft bass and drums, a soothing whistle and fluid strings. Putting the high register voice of 10CM and the low register voice RAVI together in the chorus to form of thematic nostalgia is a master’s stroke.



Track Details;-

Title : 낙엽 (Leaf) (Feat. 10CM)
Artist : RAVI
Album : 낙엽 (Leaf)
Release Date : 2020.11.12
Genre : Ballad

Listen And Download 라비 (RAVI) – 낙엽 (Leaf) (Feat. 10CM) Below:



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