Park Kyung, SEOLA (WJSN) – 시소 (See Saw)

Park Kyung, SEOLA (WJSN) – 시소 (See Saw)

Download MP3 , SEOLA (WJSN) – 시소 (See Saw)


-eun started as a successful solo with ‘Normal love‘,’Qualified mind‘,’if you can make love once‘, and has been loved by many public with his unique sensibility, and has been active as a major artist in March. ‘, once again proved the strength of the music source strong.

As a result, the lead vocalist of ‘WJSN‘, who boasts a unique fairy tale worldview every comeback and is hotly singing, participates in the song’s song to further enhance the atmosphere and provide the perfect chemist to predict the birth of another luxury duet song.


[ Backstreet Rookie Part.6 ]

Title : 시소 (See Saw)
Artist : Park Kyung, SEOLA (WJSN)
Album : Backstreet Rookie Part.6
Release Date : 2020.07.17
Genre : OST
Language : Korean

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