NCT U – 피아노 (Faded In My Last Song)

NCT RESONANCE Pt. 1 – The 2nd Album

Download lagu – 피아노 (Faded In My Last Song) Mp3

(엔씨티 유) is the first sub-unit of the boy group NCT under SM Entertaiment. NCT U doesn’t have fixed members, meaning the lineup keeps changing for every comeback.

On October 12, NCT U has made their comeback with released new album ““, The album will present 2 main songs, one of which is Make A Wish.

Make A Wish is a pop dance song with a hip hop beat, The lyrics of this song contain a message to pray for people’s dreams with the belief that they are always connected to each other.


Check out detail track inside the album below :

[ Track 13 – Credits ]

Title : 피아노 (Faded In My Last Song)
Artist : NCT U
Album :
Release Date : 2020.10.12
Genre : Dance
Language : Korean

Let’s enjoy NCT U – 피아노 (Faded In My Last Song) :


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