[MV] Weki Meki(위키미키) – OOPSY

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On Juni 18 at 18.00 [KST], Weki Meki made their comeback with ‘Oopsy’ title song. Also their released ‘HIDE AND SEEK’ mini album.

Weki Meki ‘Oopsy’ Music video showing fans with pop music dance upbeat tempo and catchy to ear, even the music video they showing femme fatale from Weki Meki member with Mature image.

In Weki Meki mini album “HIDE AND SEEK” had 5 song’s include the main song ‘Oopsy’, then ‘Moya Moya’, ‘Dazzle dazzle’ and ‘The Paradise’.

What do you think about Weki Meki new music video?

Stream Weki Meki(위키미키) – OOPSY, below!


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