[MV] VICTON 빅톤 Mayday (메이데이)

Download Mp3 – ‘Mayday’

comeback with “Mayday”, only three months after they made a comeback with “Howling” last March.

New music video ‘Mayday’ duration 3.51 minute long. In this video VICTON memberr shows their charisma anda dramatis.

‘Mayday’ music video telling about the dangers of radio calls used to express the help of a dangerous love cycle. The lyric image like people don’t want to be free from the love.


On the june 9, VICTON grabbed trophy for ‘Mayday’ song on the TV music show ‘The Show. VICTON took the win with a total score of 8,120 to MONSTA X’s 6,880 and Lee Yejoon’s 4,142.

VICTON has worked hard for their comeback, Let’s support them^^

Stream VICTON -‘Mayday’ Below :


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