[MV] NIve – 어떻게아직도이렇게 (How Do I)

Nive - Bandages

Download MP3 – 어떻게아직도이렇게 (how do i)

is soloist artist Korean-American makes his debut with “Who I Am.” He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer.

On August 11, NIve just made his comeback with released digital single album “Bandages“. Totaled two song inside, include “New Light” and “어떻게아직도이렇게 (how do i).”

[ Track 2 ]


Title : 어떻게아직도이렇게 (How do I)
Artist : NIve
Album : bandages
Release Date : 2020.08.12
Genre : R&B/Soul
Language : Korean

Stream NIve – ‘어떻게아직도이렇게 (How Do I)’ below :


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