[MV] Jessi (제시) – ‘Who Dat B’

Download Mp3 (제시) – ‘Who Dat B’ 

Korean – American rapper has dropped Music video ‘Who Dat B’, this became Jessi’s first  Music video comeback song with new agency ‘PNation’. Through this music video Jessi show cool and act in korean and english. In summer music, fans also presented with cool choreography that Jessi with perform and the background dancer.


Released 23 September 2019, Jessi colly through replied hatter comments with lyric “They love to hate me cause I Keep it real y’all, I see ya’ll lookin’ envious so i know ya’ll already lost. Calling, everybody wanna piece of Jessi. No matter how successful I am, I stay loyal”.

Untill now ‘Who Dat B’ Music video hit 12 Million viewers on YouTube.

Stream Jessi (제시) – ‘Who Dat B’ Below :



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