[MV] Jeong Sewoon – ‘Say Yes’

Jeong Sewoon "Say Yes"

Download MP3 – “Say yes”

On July 14, Starship Entertaiment has dropped new music video of their solo artis titled “Say yes”.

“Say Yes” is one of the song of Jeong Sewoon album titled “24 PART 1“.

This video have 3.13 minute duration long. With cheerful music color, Jeong Sewoon seems enjoyed summer time.

With this new music video, will be first comeback of Jeong Sewoon after he made comeback titled “When it rains” since 2016.


Have you watch Jeong Sewoon new music video?

Stream [MV] Jeong Sewoon – ‘Say Yes’ below!


Artist : 정세운(JEONG SEWOON)

Album: 1ST ALBUM [24] PART 1

Release date : 2020.07.14



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