[MV] Jeong Eun Ji(정은지) 4th Mini Album [Simple] ‘AWay’

Jeong Eun ji - AWAY

Download MP3 (정은지) 4th Mini Album [Simple] ‘AWay’ 

July 15 [KST],   4th Mini Album [Simple] ‘AWay’ Updated!

PlayM entertaiment has dropped new music video of their artis Jeong Eun Ji from girl Group A-pink.

Jeong Eun Ji made her comeback as solo artis with “4th mini album [Simple]” with the main song titled “AWay“.

In this music video Jeong Eun Ji show us how her enjoyed summer time, also this song is so refreshing.


AWay” music video have 3.22 minutes duration, and she gave us powerful, sweet, soft and chill voice.

Have you watch Jeong Eun Ji new music video titled “AWay“?

Let’s stream Jeong Eun Ji  4th Mini Album [Simple] ‘AWay’ below!


Album [Simple] ‘AWay’ M/V Teaser 2

Artist : Jeong Eun Ji (정은지)

Title : 4th Mini Album [Simple] ‘AWay’

Release : 2020.07.15



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