[MV] Hwa Sa(화사) – Maria(마리아)

Download Mp3 Hwa Sa(화사) – Maria(마리아)

Hwa sa MAMAMOO is one of the members who occupies the rapper and sub-vocal positions in the group has released video clip of his latest song titled “Maria“. This song is about self love and overcoming criticism. for her first solo album titled Maria, her solo release received a positive response from fans.


Not only the album, “Maria’s” song as the main song, also received more attention from fans. The song managed to rule iTunes charts in six countries. The first release of the music video “Maria” was successfully ranked second in the world trending on YouTube and Hwa sa managed to dominate the iTunes Top Album chart in 20 countries, including Hong Kong, the Philippines, Spain and Turkey. Her also told the process of making his first mini album. He claimed to work hard to release the album “Maria”. 

Have you seen Hwasa – Maria yet? Let’s stream below :



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