[MV] Golden Child(골든차일드) _ ONE(Lucid Dream)

Download Mp3 – ‘One (Lucid dream)’

On Juny 22, made their comeback with title song ‘One (Lucid dream)’.  creates their own sound, with unique style.

Music video ‘One (lucid dream)’ Hit 11.459.813 viewer on YouTube. The fans like it very much. Also they got good comment.

“golden child creates their own sound, those who dont listen to them are missing out from golden child pop and its saddening, stan golden child people!”

“This song is really ringing, i mean, i listen it nonstop but the more i listen and watch, how it become finer and finer, the visual and detail mosaic, the beat, percussion, the concept itself. It’s really something gosh. Hope more people can realize that.”


Believe me you won’t regret if you check them then become a fan like i did months ago I’ll do my best to support them^^”

And and many other comments. How do you think about Golden Child new music video?

Stream Golden Child(골든차일드) _ ONE(Lucid Dream) below!


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