[MV] EXO-SC 세훈&찬열 ’10억뷰 (1 Billion Views) (Feat. MOON)’

EXO-SC '1 Billion 1st album'

Download ’s 1st album “10억뷰 (1 Billion Views) (Feat. MOON)”

’s 1st album “10억뷰 (1 Billion Views)” is out!

On July 13, Official Youtube channel SMTOWN has dropped EXO-SC’s 1st album “10억뷰 (1 Billion Views) (Feat. MOON)” music video.

Producer and singer MOON who will fill the song ‘1 Billion Views’, the 10th Korean Indie band present in the song Telephone, producer Gray, as well as rapper from hip-hop groups Rhythm Power: Boi B and Hangzoo.

Also Gaeko from the Dynamic Duo group also participated by becoming a producer for the EXO-SC album ‘1 Billion Views’.

[EXO-SC’s 1st album Tracklist]


  1. 10억뷰 (1 Billion Views) (Feat. MOON)
  2. Say It (Feat. PENOMECO)
  3. 로데오역 (Rodeo Station)
  4. 척 (Telephone) (Feat. 10CM)
  5. 시차적응 (Jet Lag)
  6. 날개 (Fly Away) (Feat. Gaeko)
  7. Nothin’
  8. On Me
  9. 10억뷰 (1 Billion Views) (Feat. MOON) (Inst.)

Stream EXO-SC’s 1st album “10억뷰 (1 Billion Views)” below!

Title : 10억뷰 (1 Billion Views) (Feat. MOON)
Album : 10억뷰 (1 Billion Views) – The 1st Album
Release Date : 2020.07.13
Genre : Rap / Hip-Hop
Language : Korean


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