[MV] Devine Channel – Faded (Feat. Loopy, CHANYEOL)

Devine Channel – Post It! (Feat. Lil Cherry, GOLDBUUDA)

Download lagu – Faded (Feat. Loopy, CHANYEOL) MP3

The is an LA-based team of producers and writers founded by CEO’s Kei Kwangwook Lim and Ryan Kim. They just released three song’s inside the album “BYPRODUCT” include; ‘Post It! (Feat. Lil Cherry, GOLDBUUDA)‘, ‘막말 (Makmal) (Feat. Gaeko, Gwangil Jo)‘, and ‘Faded (Feat. Loopy, CHANYEOL)‘.

[ Track 3 ]


Title : Faded (Feat. Loopy, CHANYEOL)
Artist : Devine Channel
Release Date : 2020.09.03
Genre : Rap / Hip-Hop
Language : Korean

Enjoy Devine Channel – Faded (Feat. Loopy, CHANYEOL), below :


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