Miso – Runaway (Intro)


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Miso is back with her new EP ‘Metanoia’. The word metanoia means a transformative change of heart, specifically in terms of spirituality. Miso wrote and produced all of the tracks on this release.  ‘Runaway (Intro)’. This is a beautiful opening that meanders kind of like the fish in her album cover. The guitar riff in the background is a bit jarring but at the same time it adds this tension that is absolutely immaculate. This intro clocks in at one minute and thirty seconds and I kind of wish it was a full track.



Track Details;-

Title : Runaway (Intro)
Artist : Miso
Album : Metanoia
Release Date : 2020.12.14
Genre : R&B / Soul

Listen and download Miso – Runaway (Intro) Below: