Download MP3 MCND – 숨쉬어 (Breathe)

MCND (엠시엔디) is a 5 member boy group under TOP Media. They released a pre-debut single “TOP GANG” on January 2, 2020. MCND stands for Music Creates New Dream. They debuted on February 27th, 2020 with ‘ICE AGE’.

On August 20, MCND has made their comeback with released new mini- entiled ‘EARTH AGE‘. Totaled seven song’s inside, include; Intro : 푸른별 (Earth Age), Nanana, 숨쉬어 (Breathe), Beautiful, Galaxy, Bumpin, and Outro : 외딴별 (Kepler1649c).

[ Track 3 ]

Title : 숨쉬어 (Breathe)
Artist : MCND
: 2020.08.20
Genre : Dance
Language : Korean

Stream MCND – ‘숨쉬어 (Breathe)’ below :



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