MAMAMOO – 잘자 (Good Night)


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From Whee In’s soar and Moon Byul’s Dark Side of the Moon to Solar’s Spit it Out and Hwa Sa’s María members have pursued their personal music styles through solo projects over the past year. A year after reality in BLACK finally makes a group comeback with their 10th mini-album Travel!Moonbyul co-composed the title track “AYA” and wrote lyrics for the songs “Travel“, “Dingga“, “AYA“, “Chuck“, and”Good Night“. While Hwasa co-composed the pre-release song, “Dingga“.



Track Details:-

Title : 잘자 (Good Night)
Artist :
Album : TRAVEL
Release Date : 2020.11.03
Genre : Dance

Listen and Download 마마무 (MAMAMOO) – 잘자 (Good Night) below;


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