LOCO – 잠이 들어야 (Feat. 헤이즈)


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Loco (로꼬) is a South Korean rapper, He debuted on Sept 4, 2012 with the single “See the Light”, and is currently under the hip hop label AOMG.

On October 14, Loco has made his comeback with released new mini album “SOME TIME“. He has prepared 4 track list inside the album, include; 귀가 (Return Home), 잠이 들어야 (Feat. 헤이즈) (Can’t Sleep), 면회실 (Waiting Room) and 이제서야 (Feat. 카더가든) (Finally).

Let’s check out detail track album :

[ Track 02 ]

Artist : Loco (로꼬)

Title : 잠이 들어야 (Feat. 헤이즈)

album : SOME TIME

Release Date: 2020.10.14

Genre: Rap / Hip-hop

Language: Korean

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