D.Ark (디아크) – DKHVKY

D.Ark – FACTS (feat. Paloalto & SUPERBEE)

Download D.Ark – FACTS (feat. Paloalto & SUPERBEE) MP3

South Korean Rapper D.Ark (디아크) has made his comeback by dropped a new mini-album called “DKHVKY“. In this album, D.Ark gave us a total of six tracklists inside, include; “BRAIN”, “FACTS (feat. Paloalto & SUPERBEE)”, “TAUGHT ME HOW TO LUV (feat. Jhnovr)”, “Four Languages”, “ON TOP (feat. 365LIT)”, and “AFTER 00 (feat. JI HYEON MIN & OSUN)”. Have you already listened to it? Let’s check out below.


D.Ark (디아크), also known as Kim Woo-rim (김우림) or Jin Yulin (金雨霖) is a Korean-Chinese rapper who debuted under P Nation in 2020. He was a contestant of Show Me The Money 777 and Show Me The Money 9.

D.Ark – FACTS (feat. Paloalto & SUPERBEE)

D.Ark (디아크) – DKHVKY
Release Date: 2021.12.29
Genre: Rap / Hip-hop
Language: Korean


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