KEEMBO – 99 (GU GU) re-mix (chicken ver.)

Keembo - 99

Download MP3 (킴보) – 99 (GU GU) re-mix (chicken ver.)

(킴보) is a South Korean vocal duo that debuted on 10th April 2020 with the song “Thank You, Anyway” under Ara-Line. It consists of Boa and Bohyung who are both former members of SPICA.

Keembo made their first comeback with new mini-album titled ‘99’, this album includes the tracks ‘Cloud 9’, ‘GU GU’ and 3 different remixes of the later track.

[ Track 4 ]


Title : 99 (GU GU) re-mix (chicken ver.)
Artist : KEEMBO
Album : 99
Release Date : 2020.07.31
Genre : Dance
Language : Korean

Stream KEEMBO (킴보) – 99 (GU GU) re-mix (chicken ver.) below :


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