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K-Tigers Zero – Last of us

Download lagu K타이거즈 제로 (K-Tigers Zero) – Last of us Mp3

K-TIGERS ZERO is a 12-member co-ed group under DR Music. There are males SungjinKangmin, HyunminGunwooTaejooHyungkun, and Junhee; and 5 females: TaemiYoonjiYiseulYoujin, and Minji. They debuted on September 19th, 2019 with ‘Now’ and ‘Side Kick’.

Track Details;-


Title : Last of us
Artist : K-Tigers Zero
Album : 惡(미워할 오) (RAGE)
Release Date : 2020.12.26
Genre : R&B / Soul

Listen and download K타이거즈 제로 (K-Tigers Zero) – Last of us Below:



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