Download Song Jukjae (적재) – 풍경 (Scenery) 3

Singer Jukjae hopes people will look back at 2006, or at whenever they were at their brightest and happiest, to escape reality for a brief moment while listening to his latest song, “Shining, My 2006.” Jukjae sat down with local press on Nov. 10, two days prior to the release of his second EP “2006” on Thursday. While he has worked on multiple singles and original soundtrack projects since his debut in 2014, this is his third album and also the first to come in three years and eight months since his first EP “Fine” was released in March 2017.


Track Details:-

Title : 풍경 (Scenery)
Artist : Jukjae
Album : 2006
Release Date : .11.12
Genre : Folk

Listen and Download Jukjae (적재) – 풍경 (Scenery) below;


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