Hoody’s Cooking Log | Hoody (후디) & Bronze (브론즈) – ‘잠수함 (Submarine) (Eng Ver.)’

Cooking log | Hoody & Bronze

Download MP3 Hoody’s and Bronse titled ‘Submarie’

On July 13, AOMG entertaiment has dropped new music video of their artis Hoody’s and Bronze titled ‘Submarie” [english version] (Hoody’s Cooking log).


[ Hoody’s and Bronze titled ‘Submarie”, Track list ]

1. 잠수함 (Submarine) *Title

2. 잠수함 (Submarine) (Eng Ver.)

3. 한강 (HANGANG) Remix


Stream Hoody’s and Bronse titled ‘Submarie” [english version] (Hoody’s Cooking log) below!


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