BAE173 – 죽어도 못하는 말 (I’ll never say)


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The debut showcase of the new boy group BAE173 (Lee Hangyul, Jaimin, Yoojun, Junseo, Mujin, Youngseo, Nam Dohyun, Light, Doha)BAE173 officially debuted with the first mini-album ‘INTERSECTION:SPARK‘.  BAE173 is a 9-member boy group that belongs to X1 Lee Han-sung and Nam Do-hyun, and the team name is ‘BAE‘, which stands for ‘Before Anyone Else‘, which means’before anyone else’, ‘my love, honey’, and ‘love’. , The number ‘1’, which means perfection, and the number of luck, ’73’, have an aspiration to become the most perfect group and the first group for fans, and implicit meaning of becoming a favorite doll with infinite possibilities and ability.



Track details;-

Title : 죽어도 못하는 말 (I’ll never say)
Artist : BAE173
Release Date : 2020.11.19
Genre : Dance

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