Download Song 베이비블루 (BABY BLUE) – 그때 생각나? (Remember that time?) 3

Baby Blue, a new female ballad duo is created by combining the warm vocals of “Toayun” and the cold and delicate vocal vocals of “Past” reminiscent of “Taoyun“, Reminiscent of The Davich ilhariR;s vocals. “Remember That Time?” the voices of Baby Blue captured the exicitement of the first love of all people, the longing and the inability to return.


Track Details:-

Title : 그때 생각나? (Remember that time?)
Artist : BABY BLUE
Album : 그때 생각나? (Remember that time?)
Date : 2020.11.03
Genre : Ballad

Listen and Download 베이비블루 (BABY BLUE) – 그때 생각나? (Remember that time?) below;


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