BABY BLUE – 그때 생각나? (Remember that time?)


Download Song 베이비블루 (BABY BLUE) – 그때 생각나? (Remember that time?) Mp3

Baby Blue, a new female ballad duo is created by combining the warm vocals of “Toayun” and the cold and delicate vocal vocals of “Past” reminiscent of “Taoyun“, Reminiscent of The Davich ilhari‘s vocals. “Remember That Time?” the voices of Baby Blue captured the exicitement of the first love of all people, the longing and the inability to return.


Track Details:-


Title : 그때 생각나? (Remember that time?)
Artist : BABY BLUE
Album : 그때 생각나? (Remember that time?)
Release Date : 2020.11.03
Genre : Ballad

Listen and Download 베이비블루 (BABY BLUE) – 그때 생각나? (Remember that time?) below;


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