Ale Galata - Wake Up

Ale Galata – Wake Up

27 years old Germany singer Ale Galata anitcipate a brand new single ‘Wake Up‘ release 17 December 2021. The new song ‘Wake Up‘ follow is 2021 single ‘Hands Up‘ in a statement by Galata.

That’s my new song “Wake Up”.

The most interesting thing about my creative process is that I dream about the melodies of my songs. I can hear it as if the song is already finished. Then I wake up and make a whole song out of it. First I have the melodies of the vocals, then I look for chords and the last thing are the lyrics. My dreams are always very real and I often have nightmares. At least when I’m not dreaming about melodies 😉 And that’s how I came up with the idea for this song.

Listen to Ale Galata – Wake Up Below.



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