What To Do When You Have Cold And Catarrh

What To Do When You Have Cold And Catarrh

CATARRH: Okay…let’s tell a story about what causes catarrh (no medical terms or pharmaceutical terms). Let us say the human body is a country and we have an army that fights any foreigner that comes to the body (called the IMMUNE SYSTEM). So catarrh is a foreign body (maybe dust or irritant) that invades the body. The body’s army (immune system) sends their team of soldiers (white blood cells) to go and fight the catarrh. During the fight, a lot of explosions and war pollutants are released (molecules) which would affect the battleground (that maybe your nose or throat) and cause inflammation, hence we have catarrh! funny story right?

Symptoms of Catarrh: Blocked and stuffy nose, headache (due to accumulation of mucus in the head), loss of taste, smell and mild loss of hearing. The ear, nose and throat are connected in a way that if something affects one, it affects all.

What To Do?

Most times after the war, the body’s army would win and the irritant cleared hence no need for drugs. But in a situation where the body’s army is overwhelmed and weak and the catarrh persists for weeks, visit a doctor. Also one can use decongestants, steam inhalation (might add menthol crystals or eucalyptus oil) to ease the stuffed nose.


COLD: This is a contagious viral disease that affects the soft lining of the nose.

Symptoms: Sneezing, running nose, headache, coughing and fever (especially in children).

What To Do?

First its better to prevent the virus: you can do this by staying away from those that have cold, avoided crowded areas (as risk of infection is higher then) and wash the hands well especially after blowing your nose.

Complications: Common cold cause no serious problem as it can leave on its own but in a situation that its stayed for weeks and left untreated, complications such as tonsillitis or pneumonia can occur (due to the weakened immunity of the body).

Antibiotics can’t help common cold as it is causes by virus and treatment with antivirals could possibly cause a lot of harm than good. But if confused, visit the nearest health practitioner to help and advice you.

Hope you enjoyed today’s article? Remember its HAMMERTAN, cover yourself well! Stay Healthy!


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