The Top Dispensaries In The World That You Must Visit

Marijuana’s legal

Marijuana has had a troublesome history in our society. Even though it had existed for centuries, modern-day legislation has had it banned for a long time. However, in recent years cannabis legalization has been spreading throughout the world albeit at a slower pace than recreational users would like it to be. Still, slow progress is progress nonetheless.

Marijuana’s legal past

Marijuana has been around for centuries, with evidence of its use dating back to 2727 BC. However, it was not until the early 20th century that marijuana began to be criminalized. The first country to do so was Turkey in 1925 and over the next few decades, most other countries followed suit.

Marijuana remain illegal throughout the United States until 1996 when California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana. In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to pass legislation to legalize recreational marijuana. As of 2019, 33 states have legalized medical marijuana, and 11 have legalized recreational marijuana.

Despite its growing acceptance in the US, marijuana remains illegal under federal law. This has created a conflict between state and federal law, with the federal government asserting its right to enforce the prohibition of marijuana even in states where it is legal.

Recent updates to the state of marijuana legality in the USA

The speed at which the states in America have started legalizing medical and recreational use of cannabis is getting faster and faster, we can almost see exponential growth. Since 2012, a decade from now, marijuana has become legal in more than half of the entire US. The most recent one has happened in the state of Virginia so be sure to attend these freshly opened best weed dispensaries in this state. Congratulations to all residents of Virginia, it must feel great to not have to cower anymore when trying to enjoy this herb, especially if you are using it for medical purposes.

marijuana legality in the USA

Top dispensaries in the world

Now onto the best dispensaries, you should visit if you ever go travelling. Here are four of the best dispensaries:

  • Green Love in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Green Love is one of the most popular weed dispensaries in Amsterdam. It is well known for its large selection of high-quality cannabis products.

The staff at Green Love are passionate about cannabis and they are always happy to help customers find the right product for their needs. They also offer a wide range of accessories, including bongs, vaporizers, and CBD products.

Green Love is the perfect place to buy cannabis in Amsterdam. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the store has a huge selection of products to choose from.

  • Barney’s Farm in Barcelona, Spain

Barney’s Farm is a weed dispensary in Barcelona, Spain that is known for its high-quality cannabis strains. This dispensary offers a wide variety of products, including flowers, concentrates, edibles, and topicals.


The staff at Barney’s Farm are passionate about cannabis and are always happy to help customers find the right products for their needs. They offer a wide selection of strains, including some of the most popular strains in Barcelona.

Barney’s Farm is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for high-quality cannabis products in Barcelona.

  • Harborside in Oakland, California, United States

This dispensary is known for its high-quality cannabis, which it grows in-house.

Harborside offers a wide variety of strains, including some that are exclusive to the dispensary.

If you’re looking for a great weed dispensary in Oakland, California, be sure to check out Harborside.

  • THC Design in Los Angeles, California, United States

THC Design is a weed dispensary in the heart of Los Angeles, California. This dispensary is one of the most popular dispensaries in all of LA and for good reason – they have an amazing selection of products! Not only do they carry flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and accessories but they also have a wide variety of strains to choose from. 

Whether you are a first-time smoker or an experienced cannabis consumer, THC Design is the perfect place for you!

legalising marijuana

On the crest of the “green” wave

The benefits of legalising marijuana are vast and becoming more widely known every day. The fact is, legalisation is the best way to keep marijuana regulated and above board. Countries around the world are beginning to see this, with many moving towards full legalisation or decriminalisation of the drug. The tide is turning, and it’s time for the rest of the world to catch up.

So what are the benefits of legalising marijuana? For one, it would allow governments to better control the drug and regulate its use. This would mean that only those of legal age would be able to purchase it and that it would be sold in safe and controlled environments. It would also bring much-needed tax revenue to governments, which could be used to fund important social programs.

Legalisation would create jobs and allow businesses to operate legally and without fear of prosecution. It would also reduce the burden on law enforcement and the justice system, freeing up resources to focus on more serious crimes.

benefits to legalising marijuana

All in all, it’s clear that there are many benefits to legalising marijuana. It’s time for the rest of the world to catch up and realise that prohibition is not working.


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