The role of music in shaping the cultural identity of each nation

role of music in shaping

Music has a significant impact on everyone. It often affects our emotions and life in general. However, it also affects nations. We talk about this in more detail in the article.

It is probably not necessary to emphasize the tremendous and essential role of music in the cultural, artistic, and national life of nations. Already in ancient Greece, the art of music enjoyed the highest respect. In the religious worship of the gods, at the great Olympics, and other celebrations, music played a crucial role. The ancient Greeks considered the piece one of the best means of educating young people, improving and honoring a person. And in fact, the music goes where the word goes. Her language is universal – she knows no boundaries. But at the same time, it is in music that each nation can express and consolidate the specific features of its life-being, culture, and historical tradition in the most vivid way. A deeper understanding of this topic will help you not only in general education. This can be one thing you study as a student at college or university.

The influence of music on the course of history

Music can also influence the course of history. It is known that Garibaldi’s regiments with the song of the famous Italian composer Verdi on their lips went to victory. It is also learned how vital such musical geniuses as Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and many others were for the culture of the German people and the whole world. The world learned about the Czech people and their culture thanks to the musical work of their leading national composers, Smetana and Dvorak.

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The influence of music on the nation on the example of the United States

In no country in the world is musical folklore as diverse as in the United States. Here, the peculiarities of those ethnic groups that make up the global population of the United States are revealed, which, judging by the language, way of life, and social order, were assimilated entirely and created all-American traditions. Thus, the national music of the United States is based on musical traditions brought from Europe, Africa, and later Asia, as well as the musical traditions of the American Indians. These cultures assimilated and created a new musical culture, new, non-existent musical directions, which later spread worldwide.

An essential component of the musical art of the United States is the various types and forms of African American musical culture. The Africans were deported to the New World in the XVII – early XIX centuries. And there, they became enslaved and had a significant influence on the country’s musical culture. They opened a new emotional sphere in the art of music in the United States. On a new social and cultural basis, they created new types of musical creativity, which acquired the significance of all-American musical art and, starting from the middle of the twentieth century, reached the level of classic examples of world musical folklore. Spiritual, ragtime, blues, jazz bands, swing, and modern jazz gradually became part of American and European music culture.

Development of music after WW2

There is no doubt that modern music eliminated national differences after 1945; similar processes can be observed in the fine arts and poetry. The progress of the internationalization of music proceeded rapidly – synchronously with the temporary, at least political, decline of the principle of nation-states. The musical and social trends seem to have been more deeply fused than before. However, the division of the world into several large blocks is musically reflected in sharp differences in style.


Any modern song helps to feel a little different. Many will agree that people need music like air. It gives what is lacking in life. Music can provide cultural identity in all spheres of life. Music accompanies us all our lives. Music can give us a useful lesson in our life. This is what helps solve problems and makes each of us better. It is enough to listen to your favorite song to get a boost and kick in the ass. The main thing for you is to go to your goal, and music will



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