Remy Johnson Drops Two Versions of His New “Roll Up” Single

Remy Johnson Drops Two Versions of His New “Roll Up” Single

Fans of singer and songwriter, Remy Johnson, will have the opportunity to hear the artist’s two latest singles when they drop on July 19, 2019. The first is Remy Johnson’s “Roll Up,” a combination of Afro-beat and hip-hop inspired by listening to artists like Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Mad Cobra, and other great Dancehall artists from the 90s.

The second release is a remix by Remy Johnson featuring Soul Marley and Rebel that fuses Dancehall with an Afro beat. Never one to be complacent in the studio, Remy Johnson likes to explore and expand his repertoire and the music was a departure from his usual style.

“My godparents are Jamaican, so Caribbean music became the soundtrack of my childhood,” said Remy Johnson. “I tend to gravitate towards making more down tempo, wavy type songs so this is actually new territory for me.”

Remy Johnson’s homie, Soul Marley, actually gave him the concept. Marley sent Remy Johnson a beat and told him to write a song around the concept of smoking the finest green and vining with a girl.

“I prefer to do my own production instead of jumping on another producer’s beat, so I cooked up a mellow, chilled Afro beat for the original and a more upbeat, traditional Dancehall beat for the remix,” said Remy Johnson.

STREAM: Remy Johnson – Roll Up (Single)

Remy Johnson “Roll Up Remix” feat. Soul Marley & Rebel

 “When my dude, Rebel, heard it he started wilding out and laid his first verse at the same time,” continued Johnson. “He comes from a rap background, but we’ve been currently working on his EP which is very much Dancehall and Rumba-infused, given his family is Congolese. So him jumping on the remix made perfect sense.”

Remy Johnson’s first EP “Love & Other Drugs” is slated for release in August 2019. It’s an eclectic, wavy sound that’s perfect for rolling up or sipping. Highly melodic, it was influenced heavily by R&B from the 90s. In fact, the “Love & Other Drugs” series of EPs pay homage to R&B of the 90s. It harkens back to a time when the sound was cohesive and the writing inspiring, old-school melodies that have enough snap in the drums and deep low ends to satisfy any skrrr kid.

STREAM: Remy Johnson “Roll Up Remix” feat. Soul Marley & Rebel


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