Omali – Dark Nights

Omali - Dark Nights

Arriving a little late to the music scene, African alternative/country artist, Omali started singing and writing with her church band, Diatonic at age 17.

With hopes to someday launch a solo career, she finished a semi-finalist at the International Songwriting Competition (ISC), 2014.

Choosing 2017 as the year to let loose the music pent up in her, Omali teams up with producer, Ifiok Etuk to create a beautiful piece titled "Dark Nights". Music created In Honour of The ALUU 4, which lends itself to the
Alternative Rock genre and takes a peek into the minds of 4 men as they were unjustly lynched to death.

This song is also suitable for everyone going through trying times…
Her debut EP, OneSound is an expansive interpretation of the alternative genre, fusing Omali’s Country/Rock sensibilities with her World Peace/ Love perspectives.

She describes her unique style and voice as the result of a shared kiss between a frog, determination and passion (for life and love). Her songs 'Dreamer', 'Look At Me' and 'Dark Nights' are available for streaming and download on all platforms and her next single 'Forgotten' will be released in November.

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Twitter- @omalilive, Facebook- Omali Live, IG- @omalilive YouTube- Omali Official

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