Mom flogs 13-year-old son for driving new car to his girlfriend’s house in Texas

A mom whose new car was ‘hijacked’ by her 13-year-old son who drove it down to his girlfriend’s house in Texas, ended up whopping his ass.

Twitter user @LilaaBites who shared the story of her mom, her 13-year-old son and the hijacked new car, further disclosed that in Texas kids end up driving quite early. She wrote;

My 13 year old brother disconnected the WiFi so my mom wouldn’t be able to see her cameras and took her brand new bmw to his gf’s house  I shouldn’t be laughing but damn

First stop is his gf’s house, She made me bring a belt to whoop his ass. The moms are all snitches. Telling my dad the tea. Rip to my brother. Wow now both of my parents have been on #fitfam. Wow fame really has her switching up, My mom is now an El Paso parenting icon, I’m her manager now.

Y’all be ready to donate to the gofundme if my mom gets arrested for all the lames saying “omg child abuse”


This follows up report of a 13-year-old girl who stole her foster mother’s minivan, and died in a head-on collision with a semitrailer truck after driving on a highway.  The tragic accident took place in Springfield, Ohio when Sky Lhamon took her foster mother’s vehicle and crashed into the truck. She was reported dead at the scene and was identified by Shelby County officials