MELOH – 알지 (ALJI) (Feat. Sam Rui)

MELOH - Download MP3 MELOH – 알지 (ALJI)

Download MP3 – 알지 (ALJI) (Feat. Sam Rui)

(멜로) is a South Korean singer and rapper who debuted independently in 2019.

On August 18, Meloh has made his comeback with released new digital single entitled “알지 (ALJI)“, This time Meloh will collaborated with soloist Sam Rui.

[ Single ]


Title : 알지 (ALJI) (Feat. Sam Rui)
Artist : MELOH
Album : 알지 (ALJI)
Release Date : 2020.08.18
Genre : R&B / Soul
Language : Korean

Stream Meloh – “알지 (ALJI) (Feat. Sam Rui)” below :


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