How to write a perfect movie review essay

If you are a student, you know that the most challenging tasks are written ones. To write a good paper, one should spend several hours or even days researching, drafting, and polishing the piece. Some written assignments look attractive for such students, as they seem more accessible than others. Getting a task to write a movie review could be exciting, as if the subject is interesting, you have a chance to create a good paper.
Read the article below if you are figuring out how to start writing and what aspects to consider. Before you read our recommendations, you should look at some movie review examples to realize what the result must look like. Note that the tips below are provided by professional authors who know how to create a perfect paper. We hope you will find these hacks helpful.

Watch a movie

If you aim to make your movie review essay meaningful, you should start with watching a film. We do not recommend you skip this essential stage of preparations. Some students do the trick and miss watching a movie. Instead, they tend to read reviews written by others expecting to gather some ideas. Such an approach is risky as copying the opinions of others, and you would not create a unique piece. You will borrow ideas from other writers, and most likely, your teacher will realize that you did not even watch a movie. Even if you saw the motion picture some time ago, you must rewatch it at least twice.

When you watch a movie, you must become a criticist who notices more than a regular watcher. Pay attention to the following aspects:
β€’ Director
β€’ Scenario
β€’ Composer
β€’ Screenplay
β€’ Cast
β€’ Country of origin
β€’ Genre, etc.

While watching a movie, one should also write down thoughts and ideas regarding the mentioned aspects. Note some details that catch your attention during watchingβ€”for example, characters, dialogues, sceneries, and more. Β 

Generate the main thesis

Any paper will be influential if you build the arguments and ideas around a solid main statement. When you write a movie review, it is crucial to generate your opinion on the movie and explain your thoughts with the help of facts and examples. Therefore, the first stage of writing will be thinking over your vision and formulating it in several words. The main thesis must combine your core idea with some assumptions about the movie. Note that a good thesis statement will not only determine the concept. You need to give your audience a vision of how you relate to the film and what you think about it as an author of the review. Try to represent your views directly and precisely.

Create a structure

A movie review is a paper that must have a standard structure to let your readers understand your thoughts clearly. One should include three important sections in the paper:

An introduction

It would be best if you started a movie review essay with a short presentation of the subject, the name of the movie, and a purpose for writing the paper. The first section of a review must not be too long but catching. You can mention the central thesis in an introduction to state your attitude toward a movie from the beginning. You also can briefly explain the movie’s plot and genre in several sentences. Do not provide too many arguments in the first section of a review.

The body

Proceed with writing a review essay with mastering the main body of your paper. A successful movie review must include an analysis of the plot and your thoughts. Look at the movie from different points of view. As an author, you can decide which aspects to highlight. We recommend including some words about the script and cinematography. You can also add some remarks on the director and his or her other movies of the same genre. It is proper to compare a film to other works as well. A good approach would be to provide some dialogues between the characters. Note that if you add quotations, they must be followed by your thoughts and relate to the main thesis of your review. After watching the movie, if you think that one could get some lessons, describe them from your point of view, and add examples from the plot. It would be best if you would provide your opinion on whether other people should watch this movie or not at the end of the body and explain why.

A conclusion

Any good movie review essay must wrap up with a meaningful conclusion. Sum up the main thoughts you provided in the body. Restate the main thesis and summarize the facts that support your ideas. You can repeat your recommendations to people who did not watch the movie yet or enclose the names of some other movies that are worth watching.

Proofread and finalize

Once you have a working first draft of a movie review essay, you are ready to polish it. Start editing by reading the paper and arranging the sentences. Try to add more cohesive words between sections and paragraphs to let readers quickly understand your points. Think over the formulations and rewrite some sentences if needed. Once you are happy with the content and style, proceed with grammar editing and formatting. Check the requirements from the manuals and update the paper following the instructions. Reduce mistakes and mistypes, take care of punctuation, and ensure there are no repeated words. You can apply some grammar-checkers that are easy to find online.
AfterallΒ To write an exciting movie review essay, you should not skip the crucial stage when watching the film. It is vital to make notes regarding all aspects of the movie. After watching a movie, you need to formulate a clear main thesis. You will need to find arguments and examples to support your thoughts. Proceed with outlining and structuring. Add each section of a review with relevant information and facts. It would help to add some dialogues from the movie to illustrate your ideas. The last stage of writing will be polishing a paper. Ensure that the content is actual and the review is readable and cohesive. Reduce possible mistypes and stylistic errors. Now your movie review essay is ready. Good luck with your papers!


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