Difference Between Mobile Casino Apps and Instant Play?

While playing in an Instant Play casino may sound great, for most people the best option would be to download an app. This is because the casino’s client software will have an improved interface and allow for better graphics than with Instant Play. There is also a wider variety of games available and you have more freedom to customize your game experience with a wider range of bets, lines, and payouts. The mobile app has more features like push notifications that can inform you of bonuses, offers, and other important information as well as use location-based services to tailor your experience based on where you are for instance, if you’re in Las Vegas then it might recommend shows or restaurants nearby. With instant play, you only have the minimum features but it runs in the browser, so it’s easy to use. Also, with the app, you can check in on Facebook friends who are also playing and keep track of what they’ve won.

Difference Between Mobile Casino Apps and Instant Play?

1. Mobile Apps are more User-Friendly

Instant play casinos can be used by anybody who has a device that allows you to use the Internet. Many Instant Play casinos require you to download Flash to use them. Even when they don’t, most Instant Play games are still designed for PCs, so they’re not as easy to use as an app on a mobile phone or tablet. The user interface of the mobile app is much easier to navigate and use than just playing in your browser.

2. Mobile Apps are More Secure

Every Instant Play casino is going to have some sort of security measures in place to protect users from theft and hacking. However, a lot of them are still vulnerable, and it’s very easy for a hacker to get into a website and steal your information. They can also take over your account, which could result in you having malicious charges put on your credit card. With the mobile apps, there is no way for hackers to even reach the security measures that an Instant Play casino has in place because they have no way of getting into your phone. The mobile app is much harder to hack than an Instant Play casino site because it’s specifically designed for that device.

3. Mobile Apps Support More Games

The instant play casinos that allow you to play via a mobile app generally have more titles available on their site than the ones that instantly load. Many of them only offer a handful of slots for example, whereas you’ll find plenty of games like roulette and blackjack on the platform. It’s also easier for developers to make games for an app like this compared to an IP-based one, so there are more slots and other games available. The mobile apps can also work with video poker, which is not an option when trying to play via a browser.

4. Mobile Apps Give You More Player Rewards

The instant-play casinos are not giving out payouts that are comparable to what you’ll get with a mobile app. The only thing you will receive is the reward for the game, and this doesn’t cover your entire stake. The mobile app gives you the best of both worlds because it allows you to bet more for bigger prizes. However, it’s been shown that players who play in Instant Play casinos tend to play less frequently than those who use an app to get a better return on their bets.

5. Mobile Apps Are Much Safer

Because a mobile app encrypts your data before sending it off, there are no security risks like this at all. All your personal and financial information is also safe with an app, as opposed to an IP casino that doesn’t have the same security measures in place.

6. Mobile Apps are Better for Casino Bonuses

Bonus withdrawals are not available at all Instant Play casinos, while they are available on most of the apps that you can use to play on a mobile device. The only Instant Play casinos that will offer extra cashout options aside from their standard ones are the ones that give you free money just for signing up. Both apps and IP-based casinos still offer no deposit bonus promotions, although there is less of a selection of these to pick from at an Instant Play casino than there is with a mobile platform.

7. Mobile Apps Are Much More Popular

The market share of mobile casino apps is much higher than the one of instant play casinos because they are much more user-friendly and give you a much better selection of titles. The fact that more people are using mobile apps than Instant Play casinos means that mobile casino sites have to offer both good sign-up bonuses and regular promotions to stay competitive.

8. Mobile Apps Support Geolocation

This allows a casino app to tailor your player experience based on where you are in the world, for example, if you’re in Las Vegas then it might recommend shows and restaurants nearby. You also have the option of searching for new casinos and companies via Google Maps or other such mobile services. This is not an option with Instant Play casinos, so you can’t find out what’s nearby or play online at a specific casino.

9. Mobile Apps Have More Features and Extras

This means that the apps you can use to play casino games on your phone will have more features than the ones you’d access on Instant Play. The mobile apps not only give you a good selection of titles and bonuses, but they also have all sorts of other functions like a social element in which you can connect with others who are using it to play games.

10. Mobile Apps Are More Expensive

The only thing Instant Play casinos have over the ones you can play on a mobile app is the fact that you don’t have to download them first. However, mobile casino apps are much cheaper than Instant Play casinos during sign up and they tend to have better promotions and bonuses to entice new players. While there may be some free instant-play games out there, the majority of them will make you pay money or sign up for an account to play at all. You will not find any free games that are available with a mobile app.

There’s no doubt that mobile casino apps have taken a significant share of the online gambling market. It’s a good idea for all players to use one at least once, just to understand how much more convenient it is when it comes to making your bets and getting your payouts. This is going to become the future of online gambling, however, some Instant Play casinos are going to stick around because they are beneficial for a specific audience. If you have a large bankroll then you may want to stick with an Instant Play site so that you can make bigger bets and win even more money.