Cool Ways Aspiring Musicians Can Earn Cash to Finance Their Music in the Tech Age

Aspiring Musicians

Becoming a professional musician isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t cheap. In order to achieve success as a musician, you will need luck, talent, and a lot of money. Not only will you need to finance your instruments, but you will also need to be able to pay for transportation to and from gigs, as well as demo tapes and recordings.

Thankfully, you live in the tech age, and making money is no longer as much of a challenge as it used to be. This post will tell you about a few cool ways that you can make enough money to fund your career as a musician:

Online Gambling

One of the quickest ways of making money online is through gambling. Naturally, gambling comes with its risks, but they can be mitigated by carefully planning and working out strategies. Crypto gambling, in particular, is a very popular form of gambling, because it doubles as an investment solution. You can find a broad range of crypto casinos, from Binance Coin casinos to ones that accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you do plan on taking up crypto gambling, then it’s also worth considering trading with the currencies that you are going to be purchasing. If you take the time to learn to read finance charts and understand what influences crypto prices, then you could make a lot of money.

Content Production

As a musician, it’s highly likely that you will want to make money doing things that are related to music. One way of making money online is to produce content, working as an online influencer. An influencer is an individual with a large following who ‘influences’ their audience into purchasing products from the companies and brands that sponsor them. All you need to become an influencer is a basic understanding of how social media works. You can create a page for yourself, produce content, and then begin working on accumulating followers. Make sure that the content you produce is high-quality and well thought out. If it’s not then you will struggle to attract followers.

Digital Freelancing

You can also make money freelancing online. You can make money freelancing without any previous experience in an industry, as long as you put yourself across well and are willing to learn. Freelance writing is something that a lot of people get into because it can be very lucrative. If you are going to take up freelance writing, then you will need to find a niche. The term niche refers to your area of expertise. With freelance writing, the most popular niches are business, travel, and lifestyle.

Digital Freelancing

Music Lessons

If you are a very competent and knowledgeable musician, then despite your amateur status, you could still teach people online. A lot of musicians who have never achieved exposure or fame on their own do this. Teaching people music online can be very lucrative. All that you need to do is to begin advertising yourself online. If teaching appeals to you but you don’t want to teach people how to play music, then you could consider teaching languages. Language teachers can make a lot of money online. You could even turn teaching languages to people online into a full-time job.

Completing Surveys

Paid surveys aren’t as popular today as they used to be, but they can still be a good way of making some extra cash. You aren’t going to make life-changing money doing surveys, but if you do enough of them then you can make around $50 a week. If you travel a lot for gigs, then this extra $50 a week can help you with transport. You could even use this money to buy extra equipment for your instrument. Completing surveys can get a little boring though, so it’s unlikely that you will be able to sustain it for a long time.

E-commerce Store

Lastly, consider opening an e-commerce store. You don’t have to hold and retain stock to sell items online, because you can take up drop shipping. If you are going to start an e-commerce business, then you need to make sure that you have the time and energy after your musical performances to devote to it. An e-commerce business can be very time-consuming. An alternative to starting an e-commerce store is affiliate marketing, which can help you to earn income. Affiliate marketing businesses can make a lot of money but require a lot of time in the early days. Once your affiliate store is making money, they are very easy to maintain and don’t demand a lot of time.

It’s tough being an aspiring musician. One of the hardest things is finding money. Making money on the side is a great way to ensure that you are able to live comfortably while taking your music seriously. Side hustles like those outlined here can even help you to market yourself and buy instruments.