5 Reasons You Should Read

5 Reasons You Should Read


Reading is good for you.Β 

It is official now, as a number of studies have found positive impacts of reading books on you. There are a lot of people who just can not survive a single day without a book. Just the way this younger generation is mostly addicted to their smartphones, there are also some book addicts.Β 

They are simply addicted to books and love to read more and more books. As per study reports, some positive changes have been seen among them. You might be into listening to audiobooks as you get them free from thenewpiratebay.org.Β 

It is also great to develop a number of skills and a great entertainment option. Still, reading books is considered the best.Β 

5 Reasons You Should Read

Here in this article, we will guide you with some major reasons why you should read it. Knowing the reasons might motivate you to develop a long-term habit of reading books. This way, you will be able to set an example for your children as well and encourage them to read.Β 

Now, let’s have a look at the reasons.Β 

Reason 1: Reading Can help You Live Longer

As per the Tale University study, individuals who read books usually live approximately two years longer than those individuals who do not read books, and this is irrespective of education, health, wealth, and gender.Β 

The same has been found among newspaper readers, but it was weaker. As per that same study, reading books contributes to a survival advantage, which is significantly greater than what is observed among newspaper readers.Β 

Reason 2: You Might Absorb More From A Physical Book

Some studies also suggest students always take in more information from paper than any other sources like screens. That is why picking up an actual book is much more beneficial than an ebook.Β 

One Norwegian study has shown that students who are into reading textbooks score much better on reading comprehension tests than those who are into learning digitally. Another study also states that when it comes to viewing information digitally, readers might not comprehend lengthy and complex material.Β 


Reason 3: You Develop The Skill Of The Future

There is actual evidence that shows for educational achievement, being immersed in a book-oriented environment is significantly beneficial. Technological problem solving, numeracy, and adult literacy get a boost when an individual is growing up with a library at home.Β 

These types of skills are becoming more crucial as younger generations are seeking navigation to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The demand for skills is really shifting toward softer skills, which can only be fostered through reading.Β 

Reason 4: It Builds Your Vocabulary

Apart from enhancing your cognitive and emotional intelligence, reading books has the capability of helping you broaden your vocabulary. Research also shows that individuals who are more than just average readers always experience a higher rate of vocabulary growth.Β 

Discussion about reading, reading aloud, and also independent reading experiences at home and also obviously at school might encourage vocabulary growth. This is the reason why the Oxford University Press Report has found some evidence of a significant word gap in United Kingdom schools.

Reason 5: It Helps Ward Off Brain Deterioration

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, our risk of dementia can be reduced by exercising our minds. It is because when you like to do something that challenges your brain along with doing that thing on a regular basis, such as reading challenging books, it improves your brain.Β 

Challenging yourself regularly is more likely to build up the ability to cope with the disease of your brain. There are also a number of committees that have been built up with the sole purpose of discussing both fiction and non-fiction.Β 

To Conclude

Reading books actually has a lot of benefits that can not be overlooked when you want to become a better person. It helps you relieve stress, enhances your concentration and memory power, and builds your communication skills.Β 

So, when you are getting the benefits of all these things, we do not think you will like to keep yourself away from reading books. The best part is that you are also getting an option of entertainment.


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