DOWNLOAD Aewon Wolf – Proudly South African (EP)

Aewon Wolf – Proudly South African (EP) – Proudly South African is a mixtape by Aewon Wolf that serves as a Public Service Announcement to the youth in Hip Hop to not forget their own cultural heritage in their music and as a reminder of the beauty of being yourself in this day and age of materialism and trends.

Listen Up!

01. Aewon Wolf – Public Service Anouncement (PSA) ft Khumz – DOWNLOAD

02. Aewon Wolf – Bambelela ft. Mnqobi (Extended) – DOWNLOAD

03. Aewon Wolf – What you looking for ft. Bad Mood – DOWNLOAD

04. Aewon Wolf – Kikiza (The Wedding Anthem) ft. Mnqobi Yazo – DOWNLOAD

05. Aewon Wolf – In The Wild x Mnqophiso Madikizela – DOWNLOAD

07. Aewon Wolf – OtherSide ft. Mnqobi Yazo – DOWNLOAD

08. Aewon Wolf – Little Love – DOWNLOAD

09. Aewon Wolf – Adversity ft. Mnqobi Yazo – DOWNLOAD

10. Aewon Wolf – Khuluma ft Mnqobi Yazo – DOWNLOAD

11. Aewon Wolf – Proudly South African (PSA) – DOWNLOAD

(Bonus Track)

Aewon Wolf – 24 March Freestyle – DOWNLOAD