YG Weighs In On Cardi B’s Club Events In L.A. Following Gang Threats

“The homegirl straight,” says the “Still Brazy” rapper.

Cardi B’s upcoming club appearances in L.A. have been a topic of conversation ever since the club’s owners decided to triple security over alleged gang threats. The decision stemmed from messages Cardi received after she seemingly disrespected the Crips in an Instagram post.

YG, an L.A. rapper who has been known to change Cs to Bs and favor the color red in his wardrobe, was approached by a TMZ cameraman on the subject Saturday night.

“What do you think of Cardi B? She kind of dissed the Crips on Instagram. Do you think that’s a smart move in hip-hop though?” asked the paparazzo. “Look at my life,” YG replied, pointing to the red fluorescents shining below his SUV. “The homegirl straight,” he said. “She get love, she get love from me, know what I’m sayin’?”


All in all, it seems like YG feels Cardi doesn’t have anything to worry about. A report from TMZ earlier this weekend suggested that Cardi was similarly unconcerned about gang retaliation over an Instagram post.

With three events lined up over All-Star Weekend, Cardi is looking to make somewhere around $250,000 for her appearances, one of which will be with her fiancé Offset and his group Migos. Whether or not there’s a reasonable threat to Cardi’s safety, off-duty cops are said to have been added to security and will be present in uniform inside the events, in addition to triple the number of armed guards.


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