Winnie Khumalo Denies Bedridden Reports

Winnie is doing just fine.

The songstress addressed recent rumours recently published about her being bedridden and in a dire health condition.

Although Winnie has confirmed that in the past she has battled with ulcers, she’s managed to control them by living a healthier lifestyle.


Recent tabloids reported that Winnie was in bad shape and allegedly bedridden for two months but Winnie has come out to deny that she is bad health and said that she is doing more than fine.
Winnie was however in a wheelchair a few weeks back and has taken a few photos of herself in crutches. We do not know what lead her to need the aid of a wheel-chair and crutches to walk but the singer has reassured everyone that she is good.

In the meantime, Winnie and DJ Cleo are still enjoying the success of their hit single Yile Gqom which can be heard playing on almost every local radio station and club in the country.


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