Why marriage scares me-Uti Nwachukwu

Actor and TV presenter , has revealed why he is scared of marriage .According to him,he has seen ore unhappy married couples than happy ones .

In an interview with Punch ,when asked when he’ll get married ,he said

I don’t know when but when it happens, it happens. With the way people are marrying and getting divorced, one has to think twice before going into it. I have met more unhappy couples than happily married couples in my life.


It is really scary because if marriage was such a beautiful thing, why are there many unhappy couples. If you check statistics, most married people are complaining.

However, I will get married by God’s grace. I will not marry out of my own understanding. I don’t want to be a divorcee; so, I am taking my time.

I am currently working on my patience and tolerance level. I am learning how to live peacefully because I am used to having things my way.


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