Valee Makes Cameo Appearance On ABC Comedy “Splitting Up Together”

Valee Makes Cameo Appearance On ABC Comedy “Splitting Up Together”: If music doesn’t end up working out for Valee then probably acting will. The talented Chicago artist has been making waves this year, prodding two new projects before the end of the year and teaming up with Jeremih and Lil Yachty on songs a few months ago. He has so much potential and this year has been a major success for him so far as he’s broken out into a larger market. He continues to expand too, making his television debut on Splitting Up Together as he made a cameo as himself.

The ABC comedy executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres airs on ABC and Valee is set to make his first acting appearance on the small screen. It shouldn’t be too difficult for him considering he’s playing himself but you never know. He definitely doesn’t seem camera-shy as a preview of the episode was shared on Twitter, showing Valee having a conversation with two of the show’s characters. The two try to figure out whether their friend, Lisa, is pregnant and ask Valee for his take on the situation.


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