Tory Lanez Reveals “Memories Don’t Die” Release Date

Tory Lanez’ album is coming very soon.

For a while now, many have been anticipating Tory Lanez forthcoming project. After breaking through into the mainstream market with I Told You in 2016, everyone’s been wondering what his next step musically will be. He’s teased the project with a few official singles and has been releasing a lot of collaborations and loosies to keep the fans thirst quenched until Memories Don’t Die drops. Well, it’s looking like the time is coming very soon.

Tory Lanez hit Instagram earlier today to share a trailer for his upcoming album and give a release date for it. Tory Lanez’ Memories Don’t Die will be arriving in a bit over a month on March 2nd. The trailer features a snippet of music with a voice clip over it. “A real father wants to know that by the time there child hits, you know 22, 25, you would love to know that your child gone so far beyond anything you’ve ever accomplished,” a recorded audio clip says at the top.


The trailer features Lanez standing in front of a SUV while the clip plays in the background. Those shots are cut with photos of Lanez’ childhood as well as pictures with him and his own son. It’s an epic trailer that definitely builds the hype further for his forthcoming project. And with a set release date, we’ll be able to hear what Lanez’ has in store.

Thusfar, he’s released the singles “I Sip,” “Shooters” and “Real Thing” featuring Future off of Memories Don’t Die.

Peep the trailer below.


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